Hard Knocks – “Young Black Male” lyrics

21 04 2009

Da “School Of Hard Knocks” [Wild Pitch, 1992].

I see the streets like a owl sees in the darkness
Back in the hood I wasn’t soft or the hardest
Just a Young Black Male
I didn’t ask to come here
Straight out the womb into a black hell
Out of 6 boys one must succeed
Cause mama had 6 mouths to feed
Since I was #6 the black sheep or should I say the backbone
Pops laid it down I was born now he’s gone
I sold a little drugs
Cause I would never play a corner
with a tin cup acting bugged
Cause even the ghetto got dignity
Only time I drew a crowd was when the cops surrounded me
I thought I knew how far, to go far
Until my young ass ended up behind bars
I’m on Rikers Island I’m not smiling
I’m facing ten years I might as well start wilding
The walls are up against my young black back
I went to court and got the 1st defenders act

Back in the free world
Ready for the next tale
All in the life of a
Young Black Male

I’m walking down a black street through a
black block
Observing black brothers selling white rocks
But I don’t criticize
It’s just another form of black on black enterprise
Book’ em and bullies in blue
Keep the Ki turn ya back and they’re smokin’ and sniffin’ on duty
And at the same time telling me to go to college
But I didn’t pay a thing for my street knowledge
Except the bumps the bruises and the scars
So I changed my rep from thug to rap star
Running a rat race and still haven’t made a finish line
But I learned that dope ain’t the only thing I can grind
But we’re prone to play a poor hand well
It takes dollars to academically excel
So we sell but not out
College doesn’t come free no doubt
An international problem made domestic
Drug selling, a hell of an investment
Corner to corner street to street block to block
Fast money will take more than cops to stop

A situation that’s hotter than the 3rd rail
Seen through the 3rd eye of a
Young Black Male

Late for school again it didn’t faze me
Missed my job interview and Mom says I’m lazy
But I woke up time enough to hear the phone ring
Just got hired at the local Burger King
3.50 an hour I wanna refuse but Mom says
If I do she’ll buy my walking shoes
I probably won’t last a week
And I’m in a uniform that has me looking like a freak
So early to bed early to rise
Tomorrow I’ll be getting burnt by the grease from the fries
And my boss is a ex-Klan member
I says when’d you quit
He says just past December
Poor timing so I’m burning shit
By 12 o’clock, the grand dragon is cold sweating the time clock
Peeping me out like he just bought a slave
I wanna step but I know crime don’t pay
How long can I hang like a hooker
And at the counter is 30 onlookers
There’s too many burgers on the grill
And smoke inhalation is about to kill
I’m tripping off this mental roller coaster
I look to the left ahh shit the toaster
Only 85 dollars a week after tax
I’m thinking about mom’s but I gotta face facts
For 3.50 an hour I left the mop in the bucket
Burgers on the grill and told my boss, I quit
Just another tale of a Young Black Male





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