Hard Knocks – “Strictly From The Bronx” lyrics

21 04 2009

Da “School Of Hard Knocks” [Wild Pitch, 1992].

Over a thousand have tried but no one could stop me
Specifically cause this ain’t xerox copy
As I’m blinking, I’m thinking should I do this
Fully processed cause I know you can’t boo this
I come forward with something you’ll love
So critical at composing I write in the bathtub
My mother gave birth to a talented brother
Besides rappin’ I’m a hardcore lover
Beat up and broke down beginners are left bent
Construct a crowd like a buildings blue print
This wouldn’t be a jam without the microphonist lyrics
Lyrics so high priced, my name should be bonus
Since the crowd is hyped I continue to pump
Wake up smell the coffee as I add another lump
To the pocket of fame, fortune and success
Those who wanna risk their rep may god bless
Musically consistent, poetically persistent
You wanna play rocky step up don’t be distant
Here I stand with the mic in my hand
So gifted with the vocab, fuck it call me grammar man
We hold these thruths to be self evident
The beat ain’t workin’ then the rhymes are irrelevant
Encore, applause, going for mines cause
You couldn’t get yours
Drew many crowds profiled on many stages
Rap would be a showdown if my style was contagious
Hold the vocal chords in contempt of court
The war was won but the battle wasn’t fought
That’s why I’m here to erase and print clear
The facts on the wax cause actions not enough
Amateurs continue to fall like dandruff

Shout, yell, scream bloody murder
Cause I know you never heard of
Strictly from the Bronx

A new style goes buck wild
In each vicinity I remain versatile
Suckers tremble from the bass and the treble
Holdin’ the mic like a lyrical rebel
No trouble
Brainstorms only cause me to drop bombs
Once alerted you’ll know it’s not a false alarm
Enter my groove and prepare for the waxin’
Packin’ girls in like sanitary napkins
I’m hype with this, I’m nice with this
Before you fake a move you better think twice wit this
Those who try to compete are buried in my borough
From careers of success to showers of sorrow
B to the RON and the X
If raps the agenda then I’m next
Behind my back I’m wack in my face positive judgement
But they can shove their half assed compliments
Cause I don’t need ‘em skill to out beat ‘em
Every song I write they bite yet I’m still feedin’ em
Entering jams with my voice first
gotta enter first cause they gotta rehearse
Smiling sympathetically to them who challenge me
Line ‘em up and I’m droppin’ ‘em alphabetically
The name’s Savage and I’m brutal with words
Like the bite of a snake, venom in each verb
Live rhymes I kick and it’s simple to see
If I was in movies I’d be johnny dangerously

Half step and get railroaded and stomped
Strictly from the Bronx

My D.J. has the fingers of stone
He buries no beats and I resurrect microphones
Theories in my head keep comin’ drummers drummin’
Bassline hummin’
Set the scene I’m coming clean and correctly through it
Like what I heard so I stepped to it
Megahertz frequency cleared of all static
Calling all worldwide musical acrobatics
I’ve dealt with the best laid the best to rest
And now my corrispondence is nothin’ but a test
To prove who’s on time and who’s the latest
Who’s on the charts and who’s not even rated
Falsified rappers are headed for doom
With their artificial songs and headache tunes
Something new has emerged cause only I carry nerve
enough, to give just the right stuff
Putting rappers on the spot and calling their bluff
Cause I demolish, abolish, dust off and polish
Emcees who try to step my lyrical knowledge
A little lesson about the pros and cons

Strictly from the Bronx.




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28 09 2014
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Hard Knocks – “Strictly From The Bronx” lyrics | la nozione del tempo


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