Hard Knocks – “Runaway Child, Running Wild” lyrics

21 04 2009

Da “School Of Hard Knocks” [Wild Pitch, 1992].

Due to the circumstances the life he led
Caused him to take grim chances
So the streets swallowed him up like it does the dead
He left home cause 8 o’clock was too early for bed
Pants hanging off his ass on the corner shooting craps
He could rap but rather hang out in dope tracks
And at his young ripe age his first mission made the papers front page
The man kneeled begging for his dear life
Showing snapshots of his 5 kids and wife
But it was a nigga behind the trigger
So I know the picture you already have figured
Running the concrete jungle like a mad man
Only a child but did the things of a bad man
It’s just the father he had wasn’t the right man
So the kid took to bringing home his own bacon
Even if it meant conning, strong arming or breaking in
Cause anywhere he laid his baseball cap was his home
Along with his gun and his cellular phone
His I.Q. was about the same as his waistline
25 inches of knowledge only jail or hell will define
And mama’s home worried sick
Cause her child wants to grow up being another city culprit

Each juvenile has a different survival style
Runaway child,
Running wild

She had dreams and multiple goals
And her 1st was to be a top black model
But something went wrong
She started listening to Elvis Presley songs
Along came the provider who sat down beside her
Now on the shit she’s sprung
Her attitude changed at home
She wouldn’t even accept calls on the telephone
Grades went down
Until finally she decided to skip town
Another young black runaway
Another could have been success story gone astray
She’s a new opponent to this lifelong bout
While her parents are near panic
And their hair’s falling out
She’s in another city
At the mercy of a dope dealers pity
How shitty life can be
If ya let curiosity getcha doing the d-o-p-e
The devils got her soul
And now a pimps got her selling asshole on the ho stroll
Her destiny had no plans
Only one man bands or one night stands
To support her habit
If tricks are really for kids
Then she wasn’t really a rabbit
Until finally coming face to face
With the curse of the whole human race
Found in a back alley overdosed on the base
Pipe that is
A call from the city morgue was her parents last premonition

Each juvenile has their own survival style
Runaway Child,
Running Wild.






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