Hard Knocks – “Road To The Precinct” lyrics

20 04 2009

Da “School Of Hard Knocks” [Wild Pitch, 1992].

One in my building, 2 across the street
I had to face the fact
I knew what one of them we’re gonna be
When we played cops and robbers he would always shoot me
Like he knew I would grow up being a threat to society
He always wanted to play the cop
Like he enjoyed seeing niggas being arrested or shot
Little Mr. Goody 2 shoes
If the crew was up to mischief he would always refuse
One time we stole from the local candy store
I tried to run and got caught in the door
To make ya interest seem all the more real
Mighty Whitey went to my crib and squealed
So now I’m on a thirty day punishment
And he snitched with no remorse to my astonishment
And to my friends it wasn’t a surprise
They gotta be in the crib and at the table before 5

I guess he thought his actions were decent
But we saw he was on the road to the precinct.
Mighty Whitey’s what we use to call him
But deep inside he knew that no nigga could befall him
When we cut class he would jet n turn around and snitch
The teacher’s little pet
The bell would ring at 8:59
We would gather in the hall he was 1st in line
Dropping dimes since he couldn’t drop drama
Since he couldn’t he was always the hall monitor
We’re drinking brew in the back staircase
He knew and blew the whistle
So security would chase
Us through the hall straight to the office
My 3rd time this week man I’m headed to a coffin
One time he snitched on Brian but because the kid was white
They said Brian was lyin’
So Brian waited after school real cool
Played the back and got caught like a fool
As he exited the back door me and Brian
Turned that ass into a human see-saw.
The next day eye jammies and speed knots
Now he’s forever getting beat down on the block
No more talking the long way home
No more Flinstone lumps to his dome
He’s off to pursue his favorite game position
Only to come back and gain little recognition
On the road to the precinct
Straight out the army to the local 46
He remembered our threats now he’s keeping his promises
A vet as a military cop so he knows the procedures
To have a nigga’s ass dropped
His 1st day back in the old hood
He beats a dred down with a 6 foot plywood
Making his own judgement call a scene more bloodier
Than the movie walking tall
And I’m on the corner selling herb “Mighty Whitey’s Back”
Is the neighborhood word
In my tracks I stop not believing what I’m hearing
And guess what he’s a cop
He even caught Brian selling dope
Made him eat the dope then beat him to a pulp
He heard I’m still around so he’s looking for me
Somebody even told him I got girls hooking for me
One night I’m frisked to the last thread on my britches
He came up short so on the strength gave me ten stitches
Dope corners are cleared
From here on out straight up avenue fear
He ain’t thinking twice cause now now he’s vice
Dope houses now are only homes for roaches and mice
Housing authority see’s him as a star
A street in the Bronx looking like Hollywood Boulevard
Gained respect from the gun that he carries
That dirty ass cop name Harry
Is now in the precinct






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