Hard Knocks – “Blow To The Head” lyrics

20 04 2009

Da “School Of Hard Knocks” [Wild Pitch, 1992].

Put forth making competitors think twice
The brother ain’t swift with the rhyme he’s nice
Lyrics made to engrave amateurs whipped like slaves
Take heed as I ride the title like a wave
A blow to the throat to them who steal and quote
Changing phrases around blaspheming they wrote
The song of the decade knowing they haven’t made
As I proceed hearts are pumping kool-aid
Editor of the paper writing from dusk to dawn
Drop bombs on a rapper like the Wrath of Khan
The volume is pumped with this poetical pitch
Crowds want somethin’ new
I turn ‘em on like a light switch
Never sleeping or lunching, I’m never dozing
While ya in the subconscious
I’m up composing something rough and rugged
The one’s saying they don’t dig it
Have now dug it
Adrenalines overflow pupils are dilated red
From a blow to the head

Proclaiming my title not only by my recital
From raps to riches by all means its vital
I hear beginners I sneeze and cough and step off
My sinuses activate with tears of remorse
Their rhymes are too soft
To get a grade or even paid
I enter a jam it’s a 21 jump street raid
Nobody moves nobody gets hurt
Just give me the mic and I’ll proceed to do work
Taste testing mines the past is still chewin’
I’m manifesting what the others ain’t doin’
A blow to the head not a lock in a sock
A beat kickin’ liver than ya neighborhood jukebox
A paralyzing moment of sudden insight
Those who are gumless were caught bitin’ the hype
Vocab like this I rehab into a diss
Rappers are spectators of a savage performance
Now that I’m here I’ll state let go of this
Titles ya holdin’ 808 that’s rollin’
Whatever else ya controllin’ is stolen
Hyped as hyped as hype can get consider me a newlywed
in rap but I’m a vet
I bum rushed the studio the title was urgent
Those who oppose are washed up like detergent
A lyrical jab
So you can’t forget
A blow to the head

I’m out lookin’ in so I’ll play the offense
When I switch sides I’ll stand for no nonsense
It’ll be a while before competitors realize
They’re winning the races but losing the prize
Record after record I hear a new strategy
Please step my way with ya gutter mentality
And I’ll do away with cause I don’t play with
Skid row writing that you better stay with
A clear open blow hip hop or go-go
I’ll get it done quicker than Pepto Bismol
I’m stylin’ step back from a sinister sound
And each sentence is as tense as a countdown
Those who are fearless dare to even swear
Rhymes and styles smashed beyond all repair
I’ll leave behind only a sense of doom
All meaningless lyrics on the mic is consumed
Past the critical point my rage is front page
Don’t look in the sales ad my blows don’t save
Here stands a man with unclouded vision
I’ll ride a tempo like a Benz with precision
I’ll banish the bit of hope
To them who try to cope
If you don’t nod or fiend then it ain’t dope
Untouched and untouchable the mic remains
Clutchable from a
Blow to the head

Eyes of x-rays I see to slay
Pinpoints of poetry for those who never heard of me
Heads are put out jawbones are broken
Rhymes are displayed and the mic begins smokin’
Brains are bruised, battered and left bleeding
A blow to the head was the coroner’s last reading
Thoughts curl into question marks
How does this kid spark
Enough rhymes to fill up several ball parks
Many say they can that testimony is phony
Their food for thought turned only to be baloney
Plenty will hate, debate and dis the topic
Rhyme for rhyme my outcomes catastrophic
Time after time I hear them boast and brag
20 pounds of bullshit in a 10 pound bag
Amateurs depth of thought is a bottomless pit
I operate to disconnect like a 7 number digit
Their patterns of poems should be re-arranged
Forgetting their losses exaggerating their gains
So he who laughs last is slow
From a blow to the head




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20 12 2013

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So good to find another person with unique thoughts on this topic.

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